In Conversation with: Sairee Chahal

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Today we bring an interview with Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO of SHEROES. Sairee has many, many accomplishments to her credit and is leading and inspiring countless women. Read more to learn about Sairee's advice & recommendations to young entrepreneurs.

Excerpts from an email interview with Sairee.

Question 1: What led you to start your entrepreneurial journey?
I have been an entrepreneur more than once and have also been on the corporate side, with its own trappings of success and career ladder. However, one does realise the need to address what looks like a reducing peer group as you grow into your career. SHEROES was set up with the view of converting the talk about diversity into the action We all know the figures, the data, the gender and women at work debate but how do we bring out solutions. is a step in that direction. The response has been great and we are very early into this. This can only go one way – towards more and more solution oriented change with respect to women at work.

Question 2: Would you like to tell us briefly about Sheroes? 
SHEROES community is over a million member strong. With a platform centric model that helps connect businesses to women professionals, it offers everything under one roof for women to achieve their ambitions and aspirations. With opportunities, mentorship, career resources and a 24*7 support helpline, SHEROES has created the largest ecosystem to support women as they work toward fulfilling their ambitions. SHEROES also offers digital product, channel programs, hiring initiatives, employee branding, custom and special projects. It is also an engagement platform for brand marketers, looking to engage with urban educated women. SHEROES powers some of the largest diversity initiatives, channel programs and returning professionals programs. 

Question 3: How do you see Sheroes impacting young entrepreneurial women in India? 
SHEROES is an all women career eco-system offering mentorship, community, career resources and jobs, including part time, work from home, corporate fast track roles, entrepreneurial options and more. SHEROES widens the original mandate and starts the conversation about women and their careers early on. It also helps women do well in whatever kind and stage of their careers. There are over 10,000 women who have found ways to make their startup work. These include connect with mentors for business growth, marketing support, investor connect and opening up of platforms to promote their business 

Question 4: What has been the most transformational moment for you in your career? 
I have been lucky enough to get the exposure needed to grow and acquire different perspective. Being selected for Cartier Women's initiative awards was one of such moments. Recently I was also selected as an Aspen fellow. Being a part of such a league where only a few get selected and are exposed to a whole new world of possibilities has transformed me and my career. 

Question 5: What would your advice be to young women entrepreneurs? 
Stay at it. Persistence is the key 

Question 6: What would your recommendations be for young women in India? 
SHEROES is a career destination for women in India. Any woman with a career question on her mind, can find information, advice or opportunity at SHEROES.


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